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Here are a few of the many testimonials of satisfied clients and family members…

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  1. During the period my 101 year old mother was living at Flanders Court of Carmel, LLC I (we) found the home to be impeccably maintained, comfortable with home-like amenities and atmosphere. All the individual rooms as well as the main community room were 4-Star accommodations with comfortable furniture and arrangements. The staff was always professional, caring, and never was under staffed in relation to the residents who live there. The prepared meals and snacks are healthy and tailored to the individual needs of the resident(s). Some residents have been there for over a decade and love the home and its care-givers. Flanders is absolutely top of the line with easy access and a private, tucked-away home setting.

    I will always recommend Flanders Court of Carmel, LLC to anyone who is looking for absolute first-rate care of their elderly parents, or simply, a home where there are no worries for the residents nor for the families involved.

  2. My mother, Doris, came to Flanders Court of Carmel, LLC shortly after her husbands (my father) passing. I took considerable time and effort in the choosing of her accommodations. A safe and supportive environment that would allow her comfort and peace was my goal. It was also important that her new home provide her stability and duration.

    While under the care of Flanders Court of Carmel, LLC, Doris has been, by my observation, under fine care that is consistently rendered in the most personal of ways. I would say this is true throughout the staff and including the owner, Herman Fickewirth. Her private room is always immaculate and in order. She is always in a hygienic state and well groomed. If I call ahead to let them know I will be picking her up for an outing, her caregivers will have her looking beautifully. Further, they consistently remind her of her beauty. Her self-esteem has always been considered and successfully addressed.

    Meals are served at regular intervals and upon request. The quality is high and the basic food groups are always represented. Herman makes a daily health shake to augment their diet as well. Ive had them and they rival my own. Medications for my mom are kept safely and administrated consistently. I am often apprised of any notable changes in her health or habits when I visit. I have been my moms representative at her medical appointments, but there was no hesitation when I did request Flanders to handle the arrangements. The service was provided seamlessly, even with little notice. They also provide her transportation to her regularly scheduled VNA classes when her normal transportation arrangements prove lacking. This has allowed her to attend her sessions on a regular basis.

    My level of confidence in Flanders is high enough that that my visits are based solely on my desires for a personal visit. Of course there is the occasional paper to sign and I do like to hand deliver her monthly lodging check. The staff has remained largely the same with the very few exceptions seeming to be with the assistants. Michael, an administrative assistant for Herman, conducts his duties with professional courtesy respect as well. His manner amongst the residents is always gentle and supportive.

    During our year at Flanders Court of Carmel, LLC the residence was under some remodeling and upgrading, both inside and out. I will add that even the construction workers are considerate and soft-spoken. Recently, a door was replaced with a window in her personal room. I found her completely unaffected by their presence and process. I find that pretty remarkable for her particular personality and condition. While driving her on our last outing she asked, “Why does everyone treat me so well?

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